Hosted by Sessions

A number of organisations and networks are doing ground breaking research, are developing breakthrough initiatives or can offer specific services to regions and their key stakeholders.
Complementing the three parallel sessions in the topics of their respective Hosted by Session, European and regional networks offer additional insights in recent initiatives and activities in inter-regional connectivity, strategy alignment, and the development of regional ecosystems of innovation.

Host 1: EUSALP (AG 1 and AG 2)
New Approaches for need-based cross-regional cooperation to cope with Alpine Region Challenges

The session introduces new tools and approaches how to facilitate cross-regional cooperation for more innovation and competitiveness. The workshop starts with the EUSALP Platform of Knowledge (PoK), which is an innovative tool AG1 developed within the AlpGov project to support all EUSALP groups as well as external stakeholders. The PoK provides an overview on EUSALP Action Groups’ activities and results, automatically aggregates and updates data concerning the Alpine Region from the most relevant and certified EU datasets. Cross-regional cooperation is often hampered by a lack of knowledge about partners and related infrastructure. Therefore, the RE-SEARCH ALPS project will present its approach how to gather, consolidate, harmonize and customize data to different targets about laboratories, research and innovation centers which are active particularly in the Alpine Region. By moving from R&D towards industry cooperation, the worshop finishes with two projects (CirculAlps and TRANSALP) that aim to establish new value chains across Alpine Regions with focus given on different sectors in Bioeconomy.

Host 2: ERRIN/ Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes
Cooperation between regional innovation ecosystems: Inspiration from Alpine Regions

This workshop will focus on how to use EU policies and instruments in a coordinated manner, across governance levels, to support transformation towards resilient, inclusive and sustainable growth at territorial level. Practical examples on regional innovation ecosystems from Alpine Regions will be showcased to highlight the importance of interregional cooperation and to make proposals for further synergy and better coordination between the different programmes and instruments.

Host 3: European Cluster Collaboration Platform / Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs / Clusterix 2.0
Cluster Transforming Technologies and New Business Models

Pioneering technologies and disruptive innovation have a strong influence on traditional industry sectors and the development of new business models. Cross-sectoral activities between European clusters may stimulate the transformation of industries and bring forth new products and services. In this “Hosted by” session the transformative power of cross cluster activities in order to create new value chains and business models shall be demonstrated.

Host 4: NCP
Role of Centres of Excellence in regional innovative eco-systems

The session will focus on the presentation of selected case studies – Centres of Excellence beneficiaries of Widening package instruments (Teaming Phase 1 and Phase 2, Twinning and ERA Chairs) and their influence on the regional innovative ecosystems. The discussion will rely on analysing the impact of the projects on the Centres itself as well the eco-system, especially in the issue of provoking the entrepreneurship process and bringing the research results into the economy. The issue of vision/ mission vs. adopted business model will be raised, focusing on selected strategy (e.g. IP licensing, incubation, spin-off, start-ups or implementation of technology transfer departments). The role of CoE in creation of clusters or hubs through cooperation with industry and social partners will be as well developed.

The session should give the opportunity to assess the Widening CoE in view of their interactions and impact on the environment. It shall allow to reply as well the question on the balance between research and innovation activities or even question the suggested dichotomy.


Lenght of each session: 60 minutes

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

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