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A dynamic and sustainable economic and research region in the heart of the Alps introduces itself.

Small, rich, safe and cool. According to the futurologist David Bosshart, locations with these characteristics will be very successful in the globally competitive market in the future. Tirol, the Austrian state in the heart of the Alps, is small, safe, rich and cool. Therefore providing the economy, science and everyone involved in them with ideal conditions for an excellent future. Now and in the future.

This website provides information on what makes this small and safe Alpine state so rich and how you can also take advantage of its benefits. Numbers, facts and special technological expertise serve as a basis for our articles and dossiers. But it's the people behind the articles who bring them to life. Because to understand a location and the opportunities it offers, economic data and intellectual capital reports are simply not enough. Instead, you also have to identify and understand the character and the characters of a region. Both are influenced by the roots and the history. And by how it deals with the issues of the day.

Tirol lives a very modern Alpine lifestyle. That and the genuine connection between habitat and recreational space creates a high quality of life and high life satisfaction. Both factors make Tirol stand out as a business location, according to the economic researcher Hannes Leo, as well as making it attractive for companies and experts.

Tirol has plenty of resources for both exciting success stories and relaxing moments, for people, for companies and for families. The fact that leading scientists and economists have chosen to work in Tirol and develop their innovative technologies here, is proof enough.

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