Themes - Parallel Sessions

WIRE 2018 will be based on providing ideas for regional ecosystems how to become and stay innovative and to foster further significant development and growth in regions through focusing on the three tracks of Science & Research, Entrepreneurship and Connectivity. Each of these has its own speakers and sessions.

Science & Research

Research and higher education institutions choose new ways of knowledge co-creation and transfer, regional embeddedness and alignment to become lead institutions for the development of ecosystems of innovation, connecting their region with the international knowledge frontier. Reports about specially relived obstacles and  how to break down barriers.


Entrepreneurial spirit has created new opportunities for whole regions. How entrepreneurship can be an important driver of economic growth and diversification. The Entrepreneurship session will feature best practice examples from Tyrol and other European regions from a more rural or non-urban context. It will also feature the possibilities for seizing business opportunities in a digitised world – new opportunities the digitisation offers for entrepreneurs in less urban areas like the alpine region and recent challenges (e.g. availability of skilled labour vs new possibili-ties of remote working). The session will include best practice example where entrepreneur-ship has had a huge impact on a whole region and shaped future development of the region.

Connectivity & Infrastructure

Connectivity and digital infrastructure have opened new opportunities for innovation not only in cities but also in villages and remote areas. Connectivity does not only imply co-operation across regions but also opening mind-sets and the inclusion of people and disciplines. The session will use the smart city / smart villages topic to start from and bring in the points mentioned above, as all these have to be addressed in the building of smart communities. Best practice examples, reports from smart city projects (eg SINFONIA), experts on urban development, architects etc. can be included. The various aspects of a region/city/village and the need for connectedness between all players involved.